I live in Bermuda. Getting things shipped here is difficult and expensive so we all look for creative ways to get things here.

I needed a broil element for my DCS Wall Oven and was going to be in New York City for a few days, so I "confirmed" my part number on a live chat with SPD and then had the item shipped (directly from the manufacturer) to my hotel - brought it back in the luggage. Wrong part. A second live chat (where they said that the part number was right, even though I told them it doesn't fit in my oven!) ended up with me sending them a parts list that I got from DCS after the wrong part was received and they then confirmed that they gave me the wrong part number. After 25 minutes with "customer service", which is NOT a free call from Bermuda, they offered to ship another part with a 10% discount.

Unbelievable. I now own a $100 part that won't fit my oven (or any other one in Bermuda) and will have to order the right one at my own expense - no accountability although they were the ones to give me the wrong part number.

I didn't expect them to give me anything for free, since I didn't order it through them, but something more than 10% given that I was going on their "expertise" would have been warranted. Take some responsibility.

This reviewer shared experience about not as described and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any) as the author lost $150. This person is overall dissatisfied with Sears Parts Direct. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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